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Ostatnia próba awansu do IMŚJ zakończona niepowodzeniem
Autor: Konrad Trokowski, dnia: 23.04.2013 r.

Kamil i Emil Pulczyńscy na finale krajowych eliminacji zakończyli rywalizację w tegorocznych Indywidualnych Mistrzostwach Świata. Kamil w pięciu startach zdobył pięć punktów i zajął jedenaste miejsce, a Emil nie wywalczył żadnego "oczka" w czterech startach. Toruńscy juniorzy nie ukończyli aż pięciu wyścigów.




Klasyfikacja końcowa:
1. Piotr Pawlicki - 14 (3,3,3,3,2)
2. Patryk Dudek - 12 (3,2,2,2,3)
3. Bartosz Zmarzlik - 10 (2,0,2,3,3)
4. Szymon Woźniak - 10 (3,3,1,2,1)
5. Mikołaj Curyło - 10 (2,2,1,3,2)
6. Adam Strzelec - 9+3 (1,3,3,2,0)
7. Tobiasz Musielak - 9+2 (2,1,3,0,3)
8. Artur Czaja - 9+d (2,2,3,1,1)
9. Kacper Gomólski - 8 (w,2,0,3,3)
10. Oskar Fajfer - 6 (d,1,2,1,2)
11. Kamil Pulczyński - 5 (1,3,1,d,d)
13. Patryk Dolny - 4 (3,1,0,d,0)
14. Krystian Pieszczek - 4 (1,0,2,1,u)
12. Kamil Adamczewski - 3 (0,1,u,2,w)
15. Łukasz Sówka - 3 (1,0,1,1,-)
16. Bartosz Bietracki - 2 (2)
17. Arkadiusz Pawlak - 1 (1)
18. Emil Pulczyński - 0 (0,d,d,d,-)

Bieg po bieg:
1. Dolny, Zmarzlik, Pieszczek, Gomólski (w/u)
2. Dudek, Czaja, Strzelec, Adamczewski
3. Pawlicki, Musielak, K. Pulczyński, E. Pulczyński
4. Woźniak, Curyło, Sówka, Fajfer (d4)
5. Woźniak, Dudek, Dolny, E. Pulczyński (d4)
6. Strzelec, Gomólski, Musielak, Sówka
7. K. Pulczyński, Curyło, Adamczewski, Zmarzlik
8. Pawlicki, Czaja, Fajfer, Pieszczek
9. Strzelec, Fajfer, K. Pulczyński, Dolny
10. Pawlicki, Dudek, Curyło, Gomólski
11. Czaja, Zmarzlik, Sówka, E. Pulczyński (d3)
12. Musielak, Pieszczek, Woźniak, Adamczewski (u4)
13. Pawlicki, Adamczewski, Sówka, Dolny (d4)
14. Gomólski, Woźniak, Czaja, K. Pulczyński (d4)
15. Zmarzlik, Dudek, Fajfer, Musielak
16. Curyło, Strzelec, Pieszczek, E. Pulczyński (d/start)
17. Musielak, Curyło, Czaja, Dolny
18. Gomólski, Fajfer, Pawlak, Adamczewski (w/u)
19. Zmarzlik, Pawlicki, Woźniak, Strzelec
20. Dudek, Bietracki, Pieszczek (u2), K. Pulczyński (d2)
21. (o miejsce rezerwowego) Strzelec, Musielak, Czaja

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wL3cC4e8OQH (17.11.2013 05:14:43)

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UWEouFasom (08.11.2013 18:12:28)

While we're on the topic, is a comment on old tahred at AlasShrugs, from a passenger on flights from Brussels to the US, on two separate occasions seeing something similar to Kloutlichter:"I have personally seen on two different occassions, a year apart, large groups of Somali Muslims being loaded onto planes in Brussels being transported into the U.S. I travel to Brussels every year during September and the first time, I did notice, thought it was a bit strange (this was after Sept. 11th!) and I was perturbed that the U.S. would be importing A LOT of third world, bedraggled, hard core Muslims (the women were in full face covered brown burkas). This was a group of about 30 to 40. Then the next year again, on the same flight as from a year before, ANOTHER load of Somali Muslims. Now I was pissed!!! I thought, is this happening EVERY single day?????? Being the snoopy person that I am and being constantly vigilant, I noticed that they kept the Somalis in a separate area from the other people on the plane....they didn't want anyone to notice. Then when we were picking up our baggage, the Somali's luggage just went round and round. Again, they had kept them separate from the rest of us as to not 'alarm' anyone or bring any undue attention to them. I did see them on the back of the plane when I went the bathroom....hadn't seen them board with the rest of us though....hmmmm??? It just blows my mind why on earth the U.S. would allow these people to enter!!! The group bringing them in was called OIM...or something like that. I looked them up later on and they are some religious group who resettles refugees.. Gee, just what we need!.... we are truly doomed unless we can get some common sense in Washington!"

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